wtf is Launch House?

This isn't a hacker house. Launch House is a month-long co-living experience for the most exciting founders.

The place for founders

Launch House is where founders go to launch.

We are a community of builders unified in our belief that ideas, designs and code are cool, but launching real products that real people use is cooler.

We publish, push to prod, and launch.

Every month, we get some of the top founders together in a beautiful house to build and launch exciting new products.

Tech luminaries, social media stars and other visitors come to the house to hang out, give talks, and even co-live and build with us.

The whole experience is shared with the world on our social channels. We want to dispel the mystique of starting a company and energize people around the world to start their own by building in public.

I have created more than 500 videos over 6 years (and counting)

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A community for consumer founders

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Our people are legit

Launch House residents are alumni of some companies you may have heard of.

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